» » Typical Dutch the term “ZZP-er”; does it also exist in Germany and Belgium?

Typical Dutch the term “ZZP-er”; does it also exist in Germany and Belgium?

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30 januari |  Helmi van Bergen

The ZZP-er, the Self-employed person without personnel, is a typically Dutch term. If you talk to a Belgian or German about this, they have no idea what the Dutchman is talking about.

In Dutch, we also use the terms independent entrepreneur, freelancer or sole proprietorship / one-man business. This is more understandable for people from the Meuse Rhine Euroregion who are not Dutch-speaking.

The question is how this group is now regulated in Germany and Belgium and what is it called there.

First the situation in the Netherlands:

A one-man business is a company owned by one person. The owner is fully responsible for the company. The sole proprietorship has no legal personality. The owner registers his company as a one-man business with the Chamber of Commerce. Whatever the owner calls himself, ZZP-er, Self-employed Entrepreneur or sole proprietorship is irrelevant. Nor is it relevant whether the owner is a full-time or part-time entrepreneur.

In Belgium

is any natural person pursuing a professional activity without being bound by an employment contract or statute. This person is considered to be “self-employed”.

In Belgium, a distinction can still be made between a ‘self-employed person in main occupation’ and a ‘self-employed person in a secondary occupation’ – depending whether the self-employed business represents the main or side activities. Both types of self-employed entrepreneurs must also register with the Chamber of Commerce in Belgium.

In Germany

an independent entrepreneur, called a selbständiger Unternehmer in German, may choose to set up to set up a sole proprietorship without a legal form. Depending on the field of business or profession, registration in the Commercial Chamber is either mandatory or voluntary. The sole proprietorship can only be founded by a natural person, who will be personally liable with her assets.

The conclusion is that the term “ZZP-er” or ‘self-employed person without personnel’ is typically Dutch. But working as an independent entrepreneur, freelancer or in a one-man business occurs in all three countries of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion.

If you would like more information about this, please contact the information desk of the ZZP Factory Maastricht. You can make an appointment via the following link: https://www.zzpfm.nl/infopunt/.

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