Working in the Euroregion’s neighbouring countries sounds good in itself. But what about the rules and procedures concerning entrepreneurship in these countries? They appear to be structured differently from what we are used to here in the Netherlands. Fact is, if you are not prepared for this, it may turn out differently than expected.

Better informed means better business! So come to the third “youRegion ZZP knowledge and network event” of 2019 on October 23. This time at the Corda Campus in Hasselt Belgium. The theme this time will be: “Expand your boundaries and creaste new oppertunities”.

The programme of October 23 is as follows:

2:30 pm – Walk-in & registration
Get to know the participants while enjoying a bite to eat and a drink.

3:00 pm – Welcome & programme outline 
The hosts, Math Fooij, Program Manager Communication at ZZP Fabriek Maastricht and Paul Hölsgens, Project Manager youRegion, will guide you through the programme. During this part of the program a representative of the Corda Campus and the ZZP Fabriek Maastricht will give a short welcome speech.

3:15 pm – Keynote door Randall Birnberg
Randall, an American educator and psychologist, has been working on the development of human resources for almost 30 years. In the 20 years he has lived and worked in Europe, he has supervised, trained and coached numerous teachers, PhD students, entrepreneurs and businessmen from large international companies. His area of expertise is Positive Intercultural Communication.

As a certified Positive Psychologist at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Randall works in the relatively new science of “happiness”. Happiness and tolerance, it turns out, lead to groundbreaking success.

During his presentation he will focus on topics such as:

– Positive intercultural communication
– Personal growth with increased ethnic tolerance
– Cultural misunderstanding and how to avoid it
– Cross-border understanding and empathy

4.00 pm – Elevator pitch
Can you, as a self-employed professional, starter, startup or entrepreneur, present your company, product or idea in an innovative and catchy way within 60 seconds? Then this is your chance.

4:15 pm– Break

4:30 pm – Workshops

There will be two parallel workshops of 20 minutes each, after which the participants will change:

  1. Doing business across borders
    – What are the fiscal and social advantages and disadvantages?
    – What are the possibilities?
    – Which sectors are attractive?
    – …
  2. Expand your horizons and create new opportunities
    – Why go cross border?
    – Do you have the right added value?
    – How about your visibility?
    – How to deal with cultural differences?
    – …

5:15 pm – Closure & Network drinks
6:00 pm – End