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Cross-border entrepreneurship as a selfemployed professional, but not now?!

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8 april |  Helmi van Bergen  | Nederlandse versieDeutsche Fassung

Entrepreneurship in the Euregio Meuse Rhine without borders in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in any way was done on a large scale until recently. Also by Selfemployed profesionals. The increase in the number of self-employed and knowledge workers in recent years, particularly in South Limburg, meets the needs of the Euroregional business community and, as a result, economic dynamism and employment are growing. This as one of the components of the INTERREG project youRegion.

As an entrepreneurial self-employed person, you look for opportunities and possibilities where they are and they can also be on the other side of the border. It was and still is necessary to follow the right rules of the game, but then you have to succeed in good times and …

But unfortunately not in bad times.

Because what happens when you go over the border. It seems so simple: I am doing business in the Netherlands, I also pay social insurance contributions and taxes in the Netherlands, so I also qualify for the TOZO as a Selfemployed professional.

So I’m not. Because the TOZO, which is linked to the Support of the Social Service and is therefore residence dependent, does not apply to the self-employed person who lives in Belgium or Germany, but has a business as described above.

Attention is being drawn to these cases to the government in The Hague and questions are also being asked in the European Parliament, but so far there is no white smoke.

We have free movement of persons, goods and services and freedom of establishment in Europe, but that does not mean that in these situations we should pretend that borders do exist.

Doing business across borders as a self-employed person must be possible in good times as well as in bad times.